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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Five things you should never tell anyone:-

Today we are going to tell you five things that you should never tell anyone. Do not tell if you want to succeed. And if not then keep telling. You must read this topic completely and understand what I want to explain.


Successful people:# Successful kaise bane

1. your life Goals :-

The first is whether your goal is successful. What do we want to be, what do we want to do. We should not tell this to anyone. You must be feeling weird. If we tell someone, he will give us a motive. Will then explain. Give us some new ideas. do you think so?

But this is wrong, people do not want the welfare of others here. They will knock you backward. Will confuse you Will divert your attention away from you. What does it want to be? Is it crazy Mad? This will not happen to you. You don't have to The world is doing this. You do it too.

Whatever will be the focus, They will also remove it. Will demotivate you. So try not to tell everyone about your goal. Yes there are some people you can tell who inspire you. But don't tell everyone. Tell them which teamwork with you. Which is very special for you. But not everyone.

1. सक्सेसफुल लोग रोज क्या करते है
1. हैल्थी रहने के पांच तरीके
2. अगर आपका बजन कम नहीं हो रहा है तो क्या करे
3. अपने आप को स्वस्थ रखने के लिए 10 अच्छी आदतें को अपनाये।


Successful people:# Successful Kaise bane

2. Your Personal Life:-

You should not tell everyone about your personal life. Today it happened in my house, today it happened in my house. Today we are going to take it, why do you tell? There is a lot to discuss. But do not interrupt your personal life.

Of course you think people will solve your problem after listening to you. Some will judge you. Do not do this, brother. But if it does not happen then people will add the opposite spice. People know what to do. He will give you a lot of symphony in front of you.

Man, don't do this, man, this happens to you, man, what should I do? It happened to you Later, you know that people start chewing on you. He was saying this to me. He was saying that he is like that. The world is like this, sir, when did you understand.

3. Your good deeds:-

Never tell your goodness to anyone. The elder elders have said. Let's do goodness and put it in the river. Do not share your goodness. What to praise yourself? It is good that people praise you. If you are praising yourself then what is the use? I have done this, I have done that. I loaned him so much money.

He had to help her. It would have happened if he had not helped it. Hey this is wrong. If you had to tell me why did you do it yourself? No one has forced them to do it brother. Brother, you would have refused them.

Look, here is a good thing about your help. If you do not help, then you do not know what would happen to him. So let's agree. But this thing is not meant to be spoken. By this you know you seem self-centered. You seem selfish. That the person who is centered in himself I did that I did that. And think about people. Good thing you do Keep doing good even further. But don't tell him.


Successful people:# Successful kaise bane

1. मानसिक तनाव से होने वाले रोग
2. कैंसर के लकछड़
3. कोरोनावाइरस
4. बहरापन और सुनने में तकलीफ होना।

4. Your secrets:-

See, there are some such secrets in our life. Which we don't want to tell anyone. But many times, they tell flow in flow. But later we remember it. That we should not have told him this thing. If someone told them. Later we say that whatever I have told brother, do not tell anyone.

Now you have said that don't tell anyone, now it can happen that they don't tell anyone. He will now tell everyone. How did you say that he will not tell anyone. So brother, do not tell your secret to anyone here. What do you think the friend to whom he has told his secrets, is he with you?

No, no one is always there. Sometimes there will be enmity. Sometimes there will be a dispute. So you can also say this thing that he will tell your secrets to everyone. Even if we do not say it or we can tell. And even if you do not tell, you will still be afraid that man should not tell this thing to anyone. So in this case the loss is yours,


Successful people:# Successful kaise bane

sucessful people

Your finances:-

People here have become so mad about their money and take away their property. That I have so much money. That I have so much land, so much land. What should I tell brother? Other women, women have become so much here that they are also starting to show off.

Earlier it was said that women are snugglers. Praises her But nowadays men are not less. Write man I have taken BMW and I PHONE neither is he having diarrhea. People leave no stone unturned in praising here.

Look, it's a good thing to do your hard work and you want to be praised. But to get praise from your mouth is wrong. You have status, you have fame. If you see then you can see it. And if people see, people will also praise. So what do you need to compliment. And if you are beating the drum that I have money then you do not have it. Those who have money do not see it. And who does not have money and says that if we have a lot of money, then it does not have much money.


Successful people:# Successful kaise bane

The day you said that I have a lot of money, that is, you are setting yourself up. I just earned as much as I wished. I was just like Hungary, know what happens on the day when Hungary will calm down. The money that is there starts decreasing. It takes a lot of time to earn money, sir. But do not know when the money goes. So don't ever boast. And don't even mention what has been mentioned on this subject.

1. पानी पीने का सही तरीका सीखिए
2. ग्लोइंग स्किन मुँहासे मुक्त त्वचा पाने के घरेलू नुस्खे।